Monday, 28 April 2014

Swings and Roundabouts - Mayfield Gardens

I might have mentioned once or twice before that us retired people can often take advantage of the fact that there are many fewer people around during the week at places we want to go. On week days it is wonderful to be able to take our time wandering around, taking things in. On weekends, we would be trying to dodge thousands of people, or waiting patiently for people to move out of the way of that perfect photo opportunity only to have some other inconsiderate people move directly into the frame.
No inconsiderate people in this photo opportunity

Today we ticked an item off our “To Do List” (a retirement “To Do List” is much more fun than a business “To Do List”). We headed off down to Oberon and Mayfield Garden. For the first time, it is open during the week instead of just on the weekends, so of course we chose a week day to go. And we were well rewarded for that – only one tour bus and about 15 cars in the car park when we got there, so in a garden that covers 160 acres, you certainly don’t notice the people.

how's this for autumn colours?
The garden is absolutely fantastic. And if you think spring is the best time to visit a garden, think again – this garden is specifically a cold-climate garden and the autumn colours are magnificent. Mind you, I think a visit in spring will be on the “To Do List” as well.

I only took about 125 photos today. How will I choose which ones to include here? Maybe just a heap of photos at the end? It took us over 2 hours to wander around the garden, so only 125 photos was quite restrained.

I may also have mentioned once or twice before that there is a downside to taking our outings on week days – not everything is open. Yep, swings and roundabouts.

the entrance to the coffee
(and food, on weekends)
On weekends there is food available for purchase, so you can wander around the garden then head back to the food area for a nice bit of lunch. Alas, no food on week days. BUT, there is still coffee! Yippee! And the coffee is the lovely Fish River Roasters, a local mob, so I was very happy. If we’d felt inclined, we could have had a lemon tart, or chocolate macaron, but no meal-type food.

However, since we are now experienced at Mid-Week Escapades, we know to check before we go what will actually be open. So we packed our lunch. By the time it was lunch time, we’d seen all we wanted to see of Mayfield Garden, and went to Oberon Dam hoping there would be a picnic area there. Unfortunately not, but it was still a lovely view from the car as we ate lunch.

So even when there is a down side to taking the outing during the week, it can be made into an up side. That is one of the great things about being retired – flexibility and heaps of options. So for us, it was a case of what we gained on the swings we also gained on the roundabout.
Oberon Dam - our view at lunch

Gotta love retirement!

Now, as promised, more photos from Mayfield Garden.

an inconsiderate person in this shot - but maybe it gives perspective? 

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