Friday, 11 January 2013

Just Buy Another One!

I drink water a lot during the day. It’s thirst-quenching and good for me – and I quite like it J During summer, we keep water in the fridge in glass bottles, and fill up from there.

The trouble is, the little seals on the swing top deteriorate over time and make the bottle impossible to use unless you stand it upright in the fridge. But I’m not that keen on that because the water takes on that stale taste – not so nice.
But the shops that sell the bottles don’t sell replacement seals. Why not? Because the bottles themselves only cost a couple of dollars to buy, so you just buy a new bottle, they tell me. Surprisingly, I got the same response from friends when I asked them if they knew where to buy new seals. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!
I’m really trying to reduce the amount of waste in our household, and buying new water bottles just because the current ones need new seals seems to be a huge waste to me. So, it took a bit of research on the internet, but eventually I found them. Yay!  Only $0.30 each if I collect them from the shop. I had to drive to a suburb about 30mins away to get them, but it was the only place I could find where I didn’t have to buy a pack of 100 seals, or pay $10 to have them delivered.
And the place I finally found the seals? It was a brewing supplies shop!
Do other people simply buy new bottles? Is there somewhere easy to get them that I didn’t think of? What do you do?

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