Thursday, 10 January 2013

Just Being Realistic

There I was, thinking I could blog every day. How unrealistic was I! Now I have changed my expectations, and hope that I will be able to blog once a week. But I am not going to be obsessive about it – if I blog, good, if I don’t, OK.

Now that the chaos of the festive season is over, I’ve managed to get a few things done. One thing was to make some more soft toys. My first attempts were Wonky and Notso (pattern from Funky Friends Factory), and I was quite happy with them.

Then I set myself the challenge to make Patty the Cow (also from Funky Friends Factory). Much more difficult, with more pieces, and made in cotton so not as forgiving with the stretch as the fleece I used for Wonky and Notso.
My 2013 challenge was Stu the Sea Turtle (and yes, again from Funky Friends Factory). Again, a challenge because, although the number of pieces wasn’t greater, the fabric I used was plush, and something new to me. But I’m happy. I hope my niece likes him.
Something else I’ve started this year – I want to complete the Couch to 5km program (Google C25K and you will find HEAPS of info). I started it once before and didn’t get further than Week 3, mostly because the music on the podcasts just wasn’t to my taste, and having to listen to the voice of the man telling me what to do was just horrible – I’m not a fan of broad American accents.
But luckily I found a series of podcasts that (so far) suit me. I got them from the UK National Health Service website – why doesn’t Australia produce something like this?
Yes, this sounds like a typical New Year Resolution, and you are possibly thinking that it will go the way of all such things (ie give up before February). That may well happen, but I hope not.
Enjoy! And I’ll be back some time soon.

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  1. Ooh, sounds like we'll be neighbors soon, you are moving to a beautiful part of the world. I love it here. The Huntley berry farm (Lucknow)is so great especially as it's peak season is Dec/Jan which means fresh berries at Christmas. Pick your own is so much fun, and they don't seem to mind if you taste test as you go! Good luck with the Blog, I enjoy blogging but sadly don't get enough time lately to keep it going so much, I think your attitude is spot on, no pressure, post when you can and if you can't it doesn't matter... Keep in touch.


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