Sunday, 23 December 2012

Just Maybe

Oh, what will I write about? Maybe I’ll write about what I do. Maybe I’ll write about what I think. Maybe I’ll write about what I feel. Maybe I’ll write about what I want. Maybe I’ll write about what my plans are.

Today I’ll write a bit about me. An introduction if you like.
Here I am, in my fifties, and still trying to work out what the heck I’m doing. Sometimes I wish I’d been one of those people who had a plan. But then that wouldn’t have been me. And it means that I’ve been able to go with the flow when things happened, instead of being upset because things didn’t go “according to plan”.
I am where I am because I didn’t have a plan, and where I am is mostly pretty good.
We (my wonderful husband and I) are only a few months away from moving from the city (Sydney) back to the country. We are both originally from out of Sydney, and now that we are not tied down to working for a living, we can get out again. We are not going back to our original towns – I’m of the belief that you can never really go back, as it’s never the same, and usually doesn’t live up to expectations.
We can’t wait to get out of Sydney. There is no such thing as peak hour traffic anymore – it is dreadful all the time! And the people seem too often to be angry, or sad, or frightened, and always in a rush. We want to be in a place that we can enjoy, that other people enjoy, and that suits the pace of life we want.
Luckily, we are in the position to be able to retire quite early, when we still have the health and energy to do the many things we want to do. I say “luckily”, but really, we have worked for it, and suffered a bit too. Being made redundant does add money where it is not expected, but it is not a pleasant experience, and knocks around your sense of worth.
So, we are moving out of Sydney, but still close enough to come back to visit friends, and the family that live here. We will also be closer to my Mum, so I can more easily get to her if she needs (it’s a 5-6 hour drive at the moment). And we can have a real vegie patch! I have the idea that I would like some chooks, but the wonderful husband is not too keen. We’ll see.

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