Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Just Christmas

So today is Christmas. Why do I have the time and inclination to put up a blog post on such a day? Well, this year it is the turn of the in-laws to have Christmas Day – our family will gather on Boxing Day to celebrate.

As a result, it is just me and my wonderful husband, and the nutso cat.
I made these cute decorations last year, based on a segment on Better Homes and Gardens, but I've since seen them everywhere on the web.
My wonderful husband is a traditionalist, and so is cooking a traditional Christmas lunch – turkey, roast vegetables, pudding and custard. Luckily, the weather has cooled down, so it’s fine to be having a hot meal in the middle of the day. If it had been yesterday, it would have been stifling – eating a hot lunch when the temperature is in the 30s and sticky and humid is not fun.
This year, we have bought all the makings for our lunch. Next year, I’m hoping that we will be able to supply at least some of it from our own garden. I’d love to try to grow potatoes, carrots, peas and beans. When we have our larger block in the country town, it will be possible, but it will depend on how good a gardener I turn out to be!
Our tree has been up for a couple of weeks, with the presents around. This morning we opened some of them – my best one was a milk frother! Now I can have frothy milk with my coffee – yippee! I love my plunger coffee each day, and to be able to have frothy milk in it is wonderful.
The nutso cat is less than impressed with Christmas.
Enjoy today!

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